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Many companies have the means to destroy your critical data, but are you sure the data is gone? Are they using the best methods to destroy your data? DoD (Department of Defense)/NSA/NIST/PCI methods are the only methods we use!

There are many ways to “destroy” data: Drilling holes, punching holes, bending disks, shredding hard drives etc. There are three problems with that:

  1. 1)NONE of those methods meet ANY standard for destroying digital data putting at grave legal risk!

  2. 2)The data is still on the disk and it can still be read. It does not “disappear,” it takes some work to really to destroy the data. If you look at our validation page you can see that disk data is still visible with a Magnetic Force Microscope!

  3. 3)Not compliant with FACTA. Data must be destroyed in a way it cannot be put back together again! Many of the non-compliant methods do not even meet this crucial standard!!!

Significant safety calls for significant measures and we know what to do about it!

Methods of data destruction

Faced with techniques such as MFM, truly deleting data from magnetic media is very difficult. ..

DoD - Department of Defense

NSA- National Security Agency

NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology

PCI - Payment Card Industry (credit cards and banks)

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